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ActivElite Ambassador Program

Our aim is simple! We want to share the love of experiential travel with as many people as possible. And no one can do it better than someone who has travelled with us.

You’ll feel the joy and the excitement as you introduce your circle of friends to the joy of exploring the world differently. Except that, with the ActivElite Ambassador Program, when you introduce them to one of our trips, you can stand to gain more than just the warm fuzzy feeling.

Our ActivElite Ambassador Program is an opportunity for our travellers to spread the joy of activity based experiential travel through referrals and to earn rewards by doing so!


  • How can I become an ActiveElite Member?
  • We have a simple application process. All you need to do is to share some basic information about yourself and our team will review your application and respond to you on the status of the same within 3 working days. We do have a screening process to ensure that we only take in member who have a high chance of being successful.
  • I have not travelled with Active Holiday Company before. Can I apply for the membership?
  • We do prefer taking in members who have travelled with us as it is far more authentic for them to recommend our trips to friends and family, however, we do also have ActivElite members who have not yet travelled with us but have a thorough understanding of the experiences we offer on our trips.
  • What is the reward structure for the ActivElite Ambassador Program?
  • ActivElite members are typically travellers at heart and therefore all our program rewards are travel related by design. The program is also designed to give more active members higher rewards and this includes discounted and free travel on our trips. The rewards are shared in our trainings as well as in response to your application. We do not share our rewards in public domains.
  • Can I en-cash the rewards for cash?
  • ActivElite Program is designed to reward its members and we understand that some of our members prefer rewards in cash and so there is an option to encash the rewards at a value assigned per point.
  • How much time do I need to devote on a weekly basis?
  • ActivElite is a flexible program that allows you to operate at your pace. Naturally members who spend more time on it earn more rewards and are more successful than those who don’t spend any or too little time on it. The bare minimum we recommend is at least 3 to 4 hours a week but the most successful of our members give it in the range of 10-15 hours a week. It’s up to you really.
  • Does Active Holiday Company offer any support to ActivElite members?
  • Our aim is to set you up for success and from trainings to collateral to networking ideas, an ActivElite identity to a dedicated expert to help you move forward, we are with you all the way.