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The Arctic has held people mystified since the 1400s. The descriptions of an Ancient Greek who is now believed to have crossed the Arctic Circle were disregarded by his contemporaries. Even in 880, Vikings were pushing further and further north. The intrigue continued well into the Age of Discovery. There is some controversy about when the North Pole was finally reached and who reached it first. A realm of ice and water, frozen land and sea stretch for miles and miles. This is the kingdom of the polar bear, reindeer and arctic fox. In the surrounding waters, belugas, narwhals and other whales; walruses and a variety of seals reign supreme. The arctic landscape is one of the most remote and untouched in the world – there is great effort going in to keeping it that way.
Travel to the Arctic for an experience you will never be able to forget. The stark white ice, imposing icebergs, nearly-freezing seas and marvelous animals will not leave you even after you leave. The mystical Aurora Borealis will give you goosebumps and make your heart soar leaving you feeling at once calm and serene and incredibly excited.

Since the Arctic is a region comprising Alaska (part of the USA), Greenland (Part of the Kingdom of Denmark), Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Canada, the currency and official language differ based on where you are. The only time that travel to the Arctic is possible is during spring and summer and this is from July to September.

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