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Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa. It is one of the less explored countries of Africa. This African gem has lot of scope for exploration; it is filled with many natural and man-made wonders. A number of UNESCO world heritage sites, great wildlife and safaris, amazing religious and cultural sites are just some of the attractions that will impress you. Being one of the oldest Christian nations, Ethiopia’s history and ancient monuments are extremely engaging - Lalibela’s monolithic churches, Debre Damo monastery, the historic town of Aksum, to name a few. If Martian landscapes of active volcanoes, salt basins, hot springs and lava lakes sounds interesting to you, then a visit to the second lowest point on earth - the Danakil Depression is a must. Travelling is easy and cheap in Ethiopia. Regardless of where you travel to in Ethiopia you will be rewarded with breathtaking sights and panoramic views.
Ethiopian Birr is the official currency of Ethiopia. US Dollars are accepted in some hotels and shops in major cities. All major currencies can be easily changed. Cards can be used in cities. Amharic, Oromo, Arabic and Tigrinya are some of the main languages spoken. Many understand English. The best time to visit Ethiopia is November to May.

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