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Iran is located in Southwest Asia. Iran has a long and rich history. The ancient sites of the Persian Empire are spread throughout the country, the palaces with stunning architecture and spectacular Islamic art never cease to amaze! The monuments in Iran are very well preserved and the museums are of world class! At the ruins of Persepolis, the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque of Isfahan, Nasir Al mulk Mosque in Shiraz, the Necropolis and at various majestic palaces and squares, you can sample the beauty of this great destination. With varied geographical features of deserts, beaches and snow clad mountains, Iran has a lot to offer for adventurists. Skiing and desert trekking are particularly popular with travellers. Iran is also famous for its hospitable and generous people. It is considered a very safe country to travel in. When in Iran you must try the world famous Persian cuisine.
Persian is the official language of Iran. The young in major cities understand English. The Iranian Rial is the official currency. US Dollars and Euros can be easily exchanged. Credit and debit cards are of little use in Iran. April through October is a pleasant time to visit Iran.

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