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Bangladesh is located in South Asia and shares its land border with India and Myanmar. It is a country with numerous places to visit, many of which offer unforgettable experiences but remain relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Bangladesh offers architectural styles from various eras of the country's history, including Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim eras that date back thousands of years for the history buff in you.It is home to the world longest unbroken Surfing beach in Cox's Bazaar as well as the largest mangrove forest in the world, the "Sundarbans" ("beautiful forests").The hill tracts of Rangamati and "Bandarban" ("monkey forest") offer exciting trekking opportunitiesBengali is the national language of Bangladesh and is spoken everywhere. Bangladeshi Taka is the official currency and the easiest way to access money is through the extensive ATM network. The best time to visit Bangladesh is between November and March.

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