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Macedonia is nestled in the middle of the Balkans; it is one of Europe’s last undiscovered countries: a natural paradise of mountains, lakes and rivers, where life moves to a different rhythm, amidst the sprawling grandeur of rich historical ruins and idyllic villages that have remained practically unchanged for centuries. One can expect a wonderful mix of architectural and ethnic heritage. The country represents the Balkans in the truest sense, consisting of a fascinating mix of Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, and Mediterranean influences.

The official currency of Macedonia is the Denar, however, many Macedonians quote prices in Euro and has a well-connected network of ATM’s. Macedonian is the official language, and is spoken by almost everyone. While many young people speak English, it is not all that common. Macedonia has warm, dry summers and autumns and that is indeed the ideal time to visit this destination.

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