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Aqua Adventures

Spiritual, meditative, adrenaline-pumping, amazing and plain fun are some of the adjectives used to describe water sport experiences. But, did you know that not all water sports require you to know how to swim? At The Active Holiday Company, our Aqua Adventures include diving, snorkelling, canoeing, sailing, kayaking and white-water rafting. Enjoy these as part of multi-activity trips or get on entire trips could be dedicated to marine style exploration.

Smell the sea & feel the sky as you let your soul and spirit fly! If the thoughts of Vans Morrison resonate through your mind as it does ours, then we have just the right fix. Active Holiday Company is delighted to announce the launch of its sailing vacations that combine great company, great food, great locations and the opportunity to engage in something so different, that it’s a must do- at least once in a lifetime. 
Learn about exploring the coast of Croatia, France, Italy, nearby Thailand and far away Galapagos on monohull cruising yachts &  catamarans.