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About Us


#DoTheDifferent ™

At the Active Holiday Company we divide the world into 'our kinda' travellers and the rest of the world. Quite simply our travellers love to do more. They don't just want to get behind the scenes but right into the heart of the action. They want to tell a different story – not just right away but for a long time after they return home. Our trips are for those who want to do the different.

We offer real experiences, as we take the back roads – sometimes on bicycles, sometime on foot and sometimes on good ol' tuk-tuks or trains; camping in the wild or stopping at a local home and often staying in the lesser known family run vintage homes. On our trips you'd stop for a beer tasting at that indiscreet brewery or get a cooking lesson along the way, discover quaint street cafes, glide past little known villages, soak in the scenery, stop to chat with the locals – adding a dash of adventure to your life.

1000+ trips, 100 countries, 7 continents

For a young company we sure offer you a lot of choices! Here’s a simple reference to what you can choose from:


Our Guided trips are fully escorted by expert tour managers who stay with you the entire duration of the trip and they add value to your travel experience with their stories and knowledge of the destination and provide a seamless travel experience.


These trips are partially guided and you have expert guides when you are engaged in a must see or a must do experience and the rest of the trip you are on your own. This means the best value and flexibility.


For the free spirited and confident travellers who like to control their own pace and time, we offer self-guided trips where you are on a ‘do-it-yourself’holiday with some direction from us. The reason you are really better off taking this than doing it yourself is that we take away your pain points on such trips.


Our signature small group tours are perfect for solo travelers, couples and a group of friends and small families who want to bond with a bunch of like - minded people. Many of our trips are available on independent basis as well. We have already done the work - planned the perfect itinerary and if you are willing to go on your own, who are we to stop you? Friends and families sometimes prefer to travel independently and almost all of our trips are available for you on private basis (some of them do need minimum participants - usually 4 or 6 travellers).

Our short breaksto big cities come packed with unique experiencesthat will help you explore differently.

We also partner worldwide adventure travel giants like Intrepid and Exodus to bring unique experiences like expeditions and overland tours to over a 100 countries across 7 continents to travellers. Our local group partners at every destination are carefully researched and handpicked for their local expertise, impeccable service, work philosophy, their ability to guarantee our traveller’s safety and security. They are committed to the environment and to paying fair, ethical wages to locals they employ and for these reasons we might not always the lowest price for a particular trip but we sleep well at night!

Our Travellers

In one word – our travellers are SMART..
But don't take our word for it read on to figure out if our trips are a fit for you..

  • You love to do things out of the ordinary, get on the back-roads and behind the scenes
  • You want authentic experiences and are willing to try new things – dance with the locals, try different cuisines, stay at charming little places
  • You secretly appreciate the security of a reliable 'expert' and fellow travellers
  • You respect and understand the importance of supporting and preserving local
  • You don't waste time moping around convincing reluctant friends to come along - you just go when are ready and you know you'll make new friends.
  • You love a great deal. You love value and you know one when you see one.

Now if you’ve scored passing marks (mostly ‘yeah, that’s me’), give us a shout and we will find something for you!

Causes We Support

We are adventurers, we are travellers and we are many more things but deep down we are runners! Someone rightly said ‘If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon’. So when it comes to giving it back, the cause of running is what we identify most with. Here are a couple of projects close to our hearts. And while we do our bit, we welcome contributions from our travellers as well.

Run With Roshni

Run With Roshni, is a project started by Roshni Rai in August 2011, to help the underprivileged Gorkha Runners realize their dream. She devotes her time in training them, looks out to their needs starting from providing them with proper running accessories to generously rendering emotional support when needed. Over the years Run With Roshni has been successful in supporting scores of Gorkha runners from Darjeeling to run the prestigious Mumbai Marathon.


RUNmeghalaya supports economically weak state runners to compete in prestigious Indian races held outside the North Eastern state of Meghalaya. The brain child of passionate runner Gerlad Pde and his wife Habari Wajari, the project is fully crowd-funded where individuals (both runners and non-runners) as well as organizations from across India come forward to support some extraordinary runners. Typically this project needs funds to facilitate the travel and accommodation arrangements, running apparel, race registrations, training, medical support and other related costs.