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Unique in our offerings as well as our mindset, Active Holiday Company has pioneered active travel in India. We are leaders of running, cycling, walking and winter holidays.

It all began with a handful of runners who signed up to travel to an international marathon with us. Today we are India’s foremost Marathon Tour Operator with an unmatched selection of running based trips in India and overseas, for runners of all abilities and distances.

We also offer the largest selection of Guided and Self-guided international cycling, walking and winter holidays to discerning travelers who want more from their travels. Our partnership with UK based Exodus, allows us to offer award winning adventures, directly from the ones who introduced adventure travel to the world.

And, we are proud to be creating a path for the next generation of Indian leaders through our unique #DoTheDifferent Young Adult Internships & Expeditions programs that open their minds to experiences they could only imagine till we made it all possible.


The antonym of Active is Passive! Of course you knew that and that’s the whole point: travelling actively is literally the difference between putting yourself in the heart of the action or choosing to be a mute spectator in the arena of world travel.

For instance, when you choose to explore Tuscany on a bicycle you are in fact signing up to accessing and connecting with it in ways that the window seat of a bus can never allow you to! You sign up for meeting Tuscany, personally. You sign up to witnessing the everyday lives of the locals, stopping to sip that cappuccino (or wine) at that quaint local café along the route, that’s not on the list of any big tour company.

You sign up for staying in small vintage properties instead of big chain hotels, where you’ll probably discuss weather and politics with natives who’ve owned the place for generations.

Or take for example, hiking the UNESCO Heritage Wachau Valley in Austria which will right away take you on to roads less travelled, to the stunning scenery of rolling hills, pretty villages and vineyards. Of course you’ll tuck in the highlights and the must-sees but you’ll do more than your neighbours, who did their run-of-the-mill trip, we promise. We’ll lend our expertise to the perfect trip. The pace will be yours, as will be the extra-ordinary experiences.

Plenty of trips include big and small cities and a combination of activities. Try something you’ve never done before - snow-shoeing or dog-sledding, kayaking….. Most of our trips designed with explorers in mind and majority of our trips need the mindset, not the muscle. But hey, if you want to feel like an endurance athlete climbing peaks, breaking personal records at an international marathon course or skiing cross country – we’ve got plenty of action for you. Get packing.

In the end, all our travelers have the same thought: if we are living active, why holiday passive?


Active holidays are for everyone. Really. You don’t need to be young or super-fit to enjoy the outdoors. In fact, many who get on trips with us are new to travelling actively and a majority of our trips are designed with everyone in mind. However, we have added a trip scale on every trip to help you understand the physical demands of the trip so you can match it up to your ability. After all, climbing Kilimanjaro and hiking through the meadows of Switzerland are not exactly the same thing.

Here’s how the newbies at Active Holiday Company interpret our trip scale:

    Easy peasy, nothing to think about really.
    Being prepared will help but nothing to be scared of.
    Expect this to challenge you.
    This is going to be tough.
    This is serious stuff. You need to be prepared for this.

Guided or Self-Guided?

For those who want MORE from their travel adventure:
GUIDED: Our Guided trips are fully escorted by expert trip leaders who stay with you for the entire duration of the trip. They add value to your travel experience with their stories and knowledge of the destination while providing a seamless travel experiences. Our partnership with worldwide adventure travel giants Exodus gives you access to unique guided adventures with experts who were biking gurus, archaeologists or mountain leaders in their past avatar.

For those who seek freedom and independence from schedules:
SELF-GUIDED: For the free spirited and confident travellers who like to control their own pace and time, we offer self-guided trips where you are on a ‘at-your-own-pace’ holiday with some direction from us. The reason you are really better off taking this than doing it all on your own is that we manage all the stuff you don’t want to risk managing – where to stay, train tickets, logistics etc. And that means you're really on a holiday.

For those who want the expert dope sometimes, but not all the time:
SEMI-GUIDED: Some parts of your trip will include services of an expert guide, especially when you are engaged in a must-see or a must-do experience but you are on your own for a good part of the trip. Our superb travel documents will help you navigate through your travels without having to put time into researching yourself. Overall, such trips offer independent-minded travellers the best value and flexibility.

Group or Independent?

When we say groups we are talking about something between 8 to 15 like-minded travellers from all over the world, coming together at a place they’ve never been to before, to do things they’ve never done before! A number of solo travellers and couples join our trips but we also welcome groups of friends and small families on many trips. Going on these trips opens up the world in a way going alone simply can’t and if you are single we can help you find a roomie of the same gender so you can skip the single supplement!

Many of our trips are also available on independent basis, without the compulsion to have to join a group. This means your own pace and your own schedule. We have done the work - planned the perfect itinerary and if you’d rather go on your own, who are we to stop you? Friends and families often come together to take our unique trips privately (though some of them do need minimum participants - usually 4 or 6 travellers but some just 2). Some of these trips can be tweaked to some extent to fit your adventure style. Look under ‘Customise Your Trip' to choose a private trip (almost all featured trips belong to the ‘been there, done that!’ category at Active Holiday Company!)

And, Read This Too!

Our local group partners at every destination are carefully researched and handpicked for their local expertise, impeccable service, work philosophy, their ability to guarantee our traveller’s safety and security. They are committed to the environment and to paying fair, ethical wages to locals they employ and for these reasons we might not always the lowest price for a particular trip but we sleep well at night!

Our Travellers

In one word – our travellers are SMART..
But don't take our word for it read on to figure out if our trips are a fit for you..

  • You love to do things out of the ordinary, get on the back-roads and behind the scenes
  • You want authentic experiences and are willing to try new things – dance with the locals, try different cuisines, stay at charming little places
  • You secretly appreciate the security of a reliable 'expert' and fellow travellers
  • You respect and understand the importance of supporting and preserving local
  • You don't waste time moping around convincing reluctant friends to come along - you just go when are ready and you know you'll make new friends.
  • You love a great deal. You love value and you know one when you see one.

Now if you’ve scored passing marks (mostly ‘yeah, that’s me’), give us a shout and we will find something for you!

Causes We Support

We like to think of ourselves as adventurers, travellers and many more things but deep down we are runners! Someone rightly said ‘If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon’. So when it comes to giving back, the cause of running is the one we identify most with. Here’s a project that’s close to our hearts. And we are grateful to our community of travellers whose contributions make it possible for our friends to do more.

Run With Roshni

Run With Roshni, is a project started by Roshni Rai in August 2011, to help the underprivileged Gorkha Runners realize their dream. Roshni is an ultra runner. And she is a friend to many under privileged youngsters in Darjeeling. She devotes her time in training them, looks out to their needs starting from providing them with proper running accessories to generously rendering emotional support when needed. Over the years Run With Roshni has been successful in supporting scores of economically backward runners to run marathon races competitively across India. Going by all their achievements so far, she believes that some day one of them might just get India an Olympic medal. And we are proud that our community of travellers play a part in helping them take a step closer to that dream.

Run With Roshni