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Privacy Policy


We, at Active Holiday Company and Active Marathon Holidays Private Limited take your privacy seriously and we do not sell or rent our customers details to third parties or collect any Personal Information without your consent.

We also believe that all customers visiting our website have the right to know about the privacy policy that is followed by us and this section of our website explains that with reference to the capture and usage of your Personal Information that is collected by us via telephone, e-mail communication, interviews, surveys, sweepstakes, contests, or raffles.

Policies outlined herein are not applicable to sites of our business partners, corporate affiliates or to any other third parties even if they are linked to our site. Please review the Privacy Policy of such independent parties if you wish to know these.

By visiting and/or using our website, you have agreed to our Privacy Policy. Explained here are some terms that are used in explaining our Privacy Policy.

Personal Information

All information that is linked to a specific individual including name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card details and detailed travel information of individuals and co-passengers and/or other personal details that may be collected while you are on our website are considered 'Personal Information'. This will be requested from you before you ask for details on our trips, at the time of booking or if you sign-up for our newsletters or other services. As such we do not require such information unless you want to use the features offered on the website.

Session Data

Session Data is different from 'Personal Information' in the way that it is anonymous and not linked to your individual information. This typically includes generic information about your computer like your IP address or the Internet browser you are using. We log such session data to address server issues, administer our Web site and track statistics. Depending on what type of internet connection you are using (broad-band, data card, dial-up, etc.) your IP address may vary or remain the same with each visit. However, apart from tracking the IP address for above mentioned reasons, we do not attempt to trace or identify our users with such data.


Cookies are tiny files that are placed by your browser on your computer's hard drive that allows us to track your path through our website and to determine whether you have visited us before. Cookies cannot be used to read data off of your hard drive, and cannot retrieve information from any other cookies created by other websites. Cookies are used by websites to serve its customers more efficiently by personalising their online experiences. They are also used to measure efficiency of banners and advertising links on the website. Unless a user is registered with us, a cookie provides us with no personally identifiable information. We use cookies to understand how visitors use our site so we can improve it. Cookies can be refused by users by following simple steps specific to their web browser though we recommend that you allow our website to place it as it offers a better online experience and helps us to improve our services. Third party links on our website may also be 'cookie-enabled' to gather anonymous information about you when you click on these.


We welcome all visitors to explore our website and we do not collect any Personal Information from visitors - also called 'Unregistered users'. We only collect Session Data and Cookies to help us understand our business and serve customers better. When visitors come to our site by clicking on a link or a banner from partner websites, it is possible that those sites provide us with some information about you. To understand this and the level of information that may be transmitted to us in these situations, you need to review their privacy policy. Similarly, if you have reached us through an advertisement or link, we will only be logging Session Data and no Personal Information.

If you contact us via email or phone, we store and use your contact information to address your queries and the content of your communication to quality control, to enhance our future online experience and of course to upgrade our overall services. The content of your communication may also be used for training purposes. However we do not use your Personal Information for such purposes.

Registered Members

Some of the details on Active Holiday Company website are available only to registered users. Before you can receive or view such content, you will be asked to provide us with some basic information including your full name, email address, and your contact number. We use this data, in addition to all the data we collect from our web visitors, to serve you better and this information is used for security, to keep our information exclusive only to members, to complete online reservations (if available), to transact with us, to allow us to contact you with offers, updates, for customer service issues when they come up and to get valuable inputs on our customers preferences and choices. You have the choice of 'Opting-Out' if you do not wish to be contacted with our offers and deals.

You may also be able to build your profile on the website including your preferences and personal details. The storage of such information helps you to navigate on the website faster without having to type the same information (such as your billing address, your full name etc) again when you need it. Building a profile may also allow the website to suggest trip options that are suitable to your personal style and preference.

Before you book and pay for your vacation with us, we may also require your passport number, your credit card details including billing address, date of issue and/or expiry, PAN card details and copy, Form A2. It can also include Personal Information of your travel companions. When making a booking for other travellers you are required to confirm that you represent them and that you have their consent to share their Personal Information. The information needed by us can vary depending on what you are buying, but we can only collect the information that you provide us with. For your convenience this may be saved in your Cookie file on your hard drive, so that you don’t have to provide us with the same information with every visit or transaction.

We may also integrate information about you, obtained from third-party sources - such as our partner sites or other websites that you have clicked trough to come to our website, to your Personal Information profile. We urge you to review the privacy policy of such partner websites to determine the information shared by them. We will use such information as per our privacy policy, irrespective of the policy of our partner sites.

At times we are required to share your Personal Information with partner sites, if you have come to our site through their website. When this happens, we do so as per this policy. We can, however, not control how our partners use such information. Please review their Privacy policy before sharing your Personal Information with us. This does not apply to those who visiting our site directly.

Usage of your Personal Information

We do not sell or rent any Personal Information to any third party. We may use aggregate of Personal Information to build statistical data that may be used to understand consumer behaviour, for product development or to improve our services. Such data is not personally identifiable to a specific individual. We may also provide such anonymous data to suppliers, advertisers, partners, media and other third parties.

We use your Personal Information to make it easier for you to use our website. Storage of such information makes it easier for you to navigate the website when you return to it. It also helps us to understand your preferences and contact you with relevant communication from time to time including special offers that we feel will specifically interest you – both from us and from our partners. We also use this to send you newsletters, if you have opted for them, and other information you may request from us. Any marketing communication can be opted out from.

From time to time, we also conduct online surveys to and participation in these is optional. Such data is also aggregated and data of participants is kept anonymous unless stated otherwise or you have opted for receiving communication from us, in which case, your Personal Information will be used for giving you information you have signed up for.

We may also hire third parties for research or engage with them in contests, sweepstakes etc. and we will provide such third parties with Personal Information for the specific use of such independent projects or promotions. Such information will be strictly bound by confidentiality agreement and limited for the use of such projects, protecting our user’s privacy.

In the case of a corporate change including but not limited to divestiture, merger, consolidation, asset sale or bankruptcy we may share Personal Information with third parties. If Active Holiday Company or its sister concern’s assets are acquired, it is reasonable to assume that we will be sharing Personal Information of our customers in connection with such acquisition.

As explained above, in many situations, we are also obliged to provide Personal Information if it is so required by law, courts order or requested by law enforcement or government agencies. It may also become necessary to share Personal Information to protect the rights and properties of Active Holiday Company, its team members, directors or affiliates if we have reason to believe that someone may be interfering with our rights or properties and/or we believe that anyone could be harmed by such intentions.

Making Reservations & Bookings

When you book and reserve any services from us, we provide parts of your Personal Information to our suppliers, including but not limited to hotels, train companies, marathon organisers, airlines, cycle-rental companies, tour operators, travel agencies, ground handling agents etc. to enable them to fulfil services booked by you. Without sharing this we cannot confirm your reservation. Frequently, as per laws, we are obliged to provide our bankers, legal authorities, law enforcement and government agencies such as RBI with Personal Information.

Storage of your Personal Information

How and for how long Personal Information in retained in our databases is dependent on our data management policy and applicable laws. We retain data beyond the end of your travel and the full use of the services you have booked through our website so we can resolve any issues you may have or bring up later including credit for unutilised services, if applicable or to protect ourselves against fraudulent claims or liability from any party. However long the data may be stored for, it will always be in secured locations in our or the offices of the service providers, on servers controlled by us, managed by those designated to do so.

Committed to protecting your Personal Information

Since we take your privacy seriously, we have stringent procedures to protect your Personal Information. Your Personal Information is accessible only by team members who need to refer to it.

Promotions, Contests and Sweepstakes

Active Holiday Company also sponsors, participates and organises promotions, contests and sweepstakes that give members the chance to win free or subsidized travel or other prizes. Information collected for these may include contact information and questions on their preferences or quizzes. Such information is used as survey data and the contact information to communicate with customers. Personal Information is added to our database only if you indicate your interest by 'opting in' to receive more information from us. We also use the Personal Information to communicate with winners.

Third Party Advertisements and links

We do not share any Personal Information with any third party even if they are linked to our website to provide you with more details and information. Once you click on these you are on another website that is not owned or managed by us and thus their Privacy Policy is applicable.

Their websites may seek to use cookies, tags etc. to capture your Session Data. How they use this information is also determined by their Privacy Policy. We urge you to familiarise yourself with their Privacy Policy as they may differ from ours. We are not responsible for these sites or their Privacy Policy.

Your Right to opt out from receiving marketing communication

You have the right and the freedom to opt out and unsubscribe from our newsletters, updates, contests or any other communication. Even when you participate in contests through links on other websites, banner ads or links, you will have the option to subscribe for regular marketing updates from us. Should you change your mind even after subscribing, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list by following instructions that are included in e-mail communication to you. You can also send us an email from your registered email to info@ActiveHolidaycompany.com with ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject line. If you do not opt-out we assume that you are interested in receiving communication from us. We reserve the right to limit our memberships or not accept some members, without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This policy is effective 01 February 2013 and has been updated in July 2020. All changes to this policy will be updated in future versions of this Privacy Statement. We reserve the right to change this policy based on future developments and changes or as and when we deem necessary. Material changes in the way we will use your Personal Information will be intimated on this Privacy Policy. You may contact us by writing to us regarding any privacy concerns you may have about using our website by emailing us on info@ActiveHolidaycompany.com We will attempt to respond to you within 7 working days.

Thank you for using Active Holiday Company.