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If nothing you have explored so far has quite matched up to your travel aspirations, we can help you create a vacation to suit your needs. If you want some vacation ideas to inspire you, read on. Even if not everything we are suggesting is Active, we promise it will not be something you are about to forget anytime soon! Please note that The Active Holiday Company charges a non-refundable deposit of Rs. 2000 or US $30 per quote. This amount is adjustable against your future booking if you book with us. Please see our terms and conditions to learn more.


Cherry Blossoms of Japan

Japan during Cherry Blossoms is a page right out of a fairytale book as the Sakura trees paint the country in beautiful pink and white during this period. Cherry Blossoms, also known as Hanami is an important Japanese custom and is held all over Japan during spring. Hanami literally means viewing flowers, but it specifically indicates cherry blossom viewing. Cherry blossoms are one of Japan's most cherished symbols. Cherry Blossom tours are for visitors who want to capture Japan during its most attractive season. The tour is tailor-made to suit your needs and the price differs based on your exact needs. Time to experience this is April first fortnight. 

Great Wildebeest & Zebra Migration of Africa

Each year around 1.5 million wildebeest and 300,000 zebras gather their young and start a long trek northwards from Tanzania's Serengeti plains to Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve covering a distance of around 1800 miles. It's a tough journey that an estimated 250,000 wild beasts are unable to complete. From crocodiles to lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs – this is an excellent opportunity to view a kill in action. Being a natural event, the migration changes year to year in both timing and location but we recommend July through September.


Cruise the Chiliean Fjords

Sail through some of South America’s most wild and spectacular scenery as you cruise along the west coast of Chile with its glacier-studded fjords, emerald lakes and channels. For the nature lover, this opens up opportunities to spot multitude of wildlife including penguins, dolphins, seabirds and sea lions. On land there is an incredible diversity of flora, including many varieties of lichens, mosses and Nothofagus trees.  


Aurora Lights in Canada

Nothing compares to the allure of aurora borealis: natural, mysterious and unforgettable! The northern lights, as the aurora borealis is also known, are a luminous display, alive with shimmering colors that dance across the dark sky. This natural phenomenon paints the night sky with unearthly, surreal color. While the northern lights can be seen year round in Canada, they are best viewed in fall and winter when the nights are longer.

Midnight Sun Race in the Arctic Circle

How about combining an Arctic Circle experience with an official race medal from one of the northernmost marathon races in the world? And if that’s not unique enough, the Midnight Sun Marathon is at almost 70° N and you run in broad daylight in the middle of the night. Every year in June runners from more than 50 different countries meet in Tromsø (Norway) to run in the Arctic under the midnight sun. The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon which means that the sun does not set during the summer months. In other words, given fair weather, you can see the sun for a continuous 24 hours. You can combine the race with an experience of the Norwegian coast and stand on the North Cape, the Northern most point on the continent of Europe.       ASK US TO CUSTOMISE YOUR TOUR

Fauna and Flora of the Galapagos

Walk on the land that inspired Charles Darwin to put together the Theroy of Evolution. We are serious when we tell you that the islands are famed for their vast number of endemic species. The Galápago are an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed around the equator in the Pacific Ocean, 972 kilometers west of continental Ecuador, of which they are a part. The island and its surrounding waters form a national park and a biological marine reserve. Many of the species you will find here are not found anywhere in the world.