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  • 05 Jan, 2014
  • The Telegraph

Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Nepal (October to November / December)

My final trek of the year was one of Nepal's most popular treks. It is classified as a short trek even though it involves 12 solid days of walking. The trail goes over range after range, it dips sharply into ravines, traverses the valley over swaying suspension bridges, and then climbs up the other side. Although it is a test of endurance, stamina and willpower it is an immensely pretty trek with trekkers from all over the world on the trail. The mountain views are fabulous and it goes through terraced fields, hillside villages and quaint little tea-shop communities. After Kashmir, I had added swimming to my retinue of trek preparation since it helps increase lung capacity. And, by now I had been on intimate terms with the fire escape route of every hotel I had stayed in, anywhere in the world, since January. The ABC trek made me realise how drastically my fitness had improved since January. Shortness of breath was a thing of the past and my limbs and body no longer ached the next morning even after a hard walk over 8 hours.

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When I finally packed away my trekking boots for the season I realised that I had seen places which can be accessed only on foot and are beautiful beyond compare. I had realised that life beyond the reach of a mobile signal is invigorating for the mind and that the air coming off the holy white Himalayan peaks is truly enchanted and has curative powers. But most of all I felt lighter of body, brighter of mind and refreshed of soul.