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Its invasion by Germany sparked off the First World War; it is the birthplace of the creator of Tintin and the professed homeland of the French Fry. Yes, we are indeed talking about Belgium! Clearly there is so much more to the tiny country than beer and chocolate (though they themselves are highly commendable features). Factor in the palaces, castles, canals and battlefields and you have a country brimming with history, culture and adventure just waiting to be dug into. So marvel at the fine beer, gorge on chocolates reputed to be the finest in the world, be swept away by grand castles and feel your troubles melt away in the idyllic countryside.      
The Belgian climate is more or less temperate and remains pleasant all year round. When there are events and festivals going on, the crowd increases dramatically. The currency used is the Euro and the official languages are Dutch, German and French.

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