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Cambodia is a country that has been shaken by genocide and extreme violence and hardship under the rule of the Khmer Rouge. With amazing resilience, the people have come out of this painful period although its shadow still haunts them in the form of missing siblings and loved ones. However, Cambodia's history isn't only a dark one as can be seen in the charming temples – such as the famous Angkor Wat – built by the kings of the past. 

Highlands surrounding a low-lying plain form the Cambodian landscape which is carved by the powerful Mekong River and the expansive Tonle Sap. Its forests house a huge array of animals including tigers, sun bears, Asian elephants, Asiatic black bears and Malayan pangolins while its water bodies are home to the shy Irrawaddy dolphin. 

Travel in Cambodia is possible all year round but September to February is cooler than the rest of the year. US dollars are easily exchanged for the local currency – the riel. Cambodia's official language is Khmer.

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