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Canada is the largest country in North America. It is famous for its vast, untouched landscape, plentiful resources, splendid coastal areas and distinctive cities. Canada’s national parks are enormous - with virgin forests, wildlife, rugged mountains, waterfalls (including Niagara falls), interesting walking trails and some surreal lakes. Moraine Lake in Banff National Park is one such truly dreamy location and should not to be missed. The Quebec region is a pleasure to explore - 17th century vintage buildings, French and British architecture and dominant French language makes it quite unique. A stroll through the historic part of Quebec City is a must. It is a quaint old town with small cobblestone streets, beautiful buildings, charming small shops and inviting restaurants.
The Canadian Dollar is the currency of Canada. Most of the tourist places and businesses close to the US border and hotels accept American Dollars. Credit and Debit cards are accepted universally. English and French are the official languages of Canada. The best time to visit depends on the place of interest and activity; in general May to September is a pleasant time to travel.

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