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Croatia & Slovenia


Croatia & Slovenia

Croatia is a country situated in Southeast Europe. Like much of Europe, Croatia has its share of medieval cities, historic palaces, museums and beautiful basilicas. In addition, it is blessed with a glamorous coastline with stunning islands, national parks with dramatic landscapes and thermal springs. You can visit the historic walled town of Dubrovnik, stroll down the vineyards and olives groves of Korcula or explore the Roman ruins of Pula. The Krka National Park and Plitvice National Park are famous for their breathtaking scenery! If you are feeling adventurous, cruise along the coast and explore the Croatian coastline and its many islands by boat!
The Kuna is the currency of Croatia. Euros are accepted in some hotels and shops. Croatian is the official language of Croatia. English, German and Italian are commonly spoken in the tourist areas. Croatia enjoys warm and sunny weather from May to September and this is the best time of the year to visit most of the attractions.

Slovenia, is small country in Central Europe. But do not let the size deceive you, for with its vibrant and rustic charm, the beautiful and contradicting landscape of the Adriatic Sea on one side and the snow capped Alps on the other, meadows and turquoise river gorges , Slovenia is all set to win your heart.

Bled Castle, Ljubljana Castle, and Celje’s Old Castle are very popular destinations in Slovenia. The nation is a land of karsts, and has the most visited caves in Europe, the Postojna Cave and Krizna Jama cave, with its underground lakes. Archaeological sites covering major historical periods like the Iron Age and the Copper Age are also abundant in Slovenia. Adjovski gradec across the Sava Bohinjka Tiver is one of them. Rich architectural heritage can be seen in Ljubljana.

Slovenia is burgeoning with adventure activities. There are 7000 km of well marked hiking trails across the hills and mountains of Slovenia. Cave exploring in any of the numerous caves, cycling to Triglav National Park, Canyoning in the Susec and Fratarca Canyons, rafting in the emerald green Soca River, are just a few of the activities available for the adrenalin junkies. You can also just chill out in the health and thermal spas spread across the country.

Slovenian is the official language but English is also commonly used. The currency is EURO and money can be easily exchanged. The natives are very friendly. The best time to visit is July to November.

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