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Cuba is an island country located in the northern rim of the Caribbean. Historic cities like Havana and Trinidad, dreamy Spanish colonial architecture, bustling towns, lovely countryside and a vibrant music and dance scene sets this island apart from other Caribbean destinations. Cuba is also blessed with picture perfect beaches, great reefs for snorkeling and beautiful mountains. Hiking up the Pico Turquino Mountain, biking through the Vinales valley, hikes in the countryside and wandering around the avenues of the colonial towns are great ways to see this interesting country. The architecture in Cuba is truly fascinating - its majestic cathedrals and fortresses are worth a visit. If you love good music and are a fan of salsa, then Havana is a good place to indulge in both. Don’t miss the opportunity to cruise around town in a classic 50s car when in Havana.
Spanish is the official language of Cuba. Some understand English. Two currencies circulate in Cuba, Cuban Pesos and the Cuban Convertible Pesos - most useful is the convertible pesos although carrying some pesos will come in handy. Euros, Canadian Dollars and British pounds can be easily exchanged. US Dollars can be exchanged but it attracts heavy additional charges. Cards are difficult to use even in cities. The best option is to carry travellers cheques and cash while visiting Cuba. The best time to visit is from December to May.

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