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Ecuador & Galapagos


Ecuador & Galapagos

Ecuador is a South American country lying on the Equator. Its capital Quito offers a fine example of Spanish colonial architecture. Baños, a city located at the foot of an active volcano is a perfect base for adventure enthusiasts. Mountain biking, hiking, surfing and rafting are just some of the activities on offer in Ecuador. Wildlife attracts many tourists to this country; the Ecuadorian amazon rainforest and the Galapagos Islands offer a treasure-trove of rare wildlife. The cities are safe and people are friendly in Ecuador. A trip to this country is not complete without a visit to a colourful local market.
Currency used in Ecuador is the US Dollar. ATMs are available in cities. Credit cards are accepted in some hotels and travel agencies. Only cash is accepted in most places. Do not carry travellers cheques, as they are nearly impossible to exchange. Spanish is the official language of Ecuador. English is spoken in hotels, restaurants and other tourist places. Ecuador is a country that can be visited all year round.


The Galápagos Islands are a small archipelago of volcanic islands belonging to the country Ecuador. It is about 1000 kilometers from the continental mainland, Ecuador. A trip to the Galápagos Islands is most certainly on every traveler's bucket list. The isolation from the mainland has resulted in unique flora and fauna and the amazing diversity found here still baffles people. The experience of walking amongst the fascinating fearless wildlife is priceless! Marine iguana, Galápagos tortoise, Galápagos penguin, Galápagos mockingbird and Galápagos sea lion are some of the famous inhabitants of these islands. The government strictly controls the numbers of tourists visiting these islands. Spanish is the official language. Currency used is US Dollars. Galapagos can be visited year round.


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