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Egypt is located in the northeast corner of the African continent. The grand Egyptian monuments, charming oases and alluring souks have been attracting tourists since time immemorial. The iconic Giza Necropolis, the Great Temple of Ramesses, The Valley of The Kings and Karnak- an ancient religious site, are some of the notable sights of Egypt. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities and the Luxor museum have amazing collections of ancient artifacts. The shores of Red sea, its stunning clear blue waters and colourful reefs attract a large number of tourists too. Diving is popular in many places. A hot air balloon flight over the archeological sites of Luxor and a cruise along the river Nile are not to be missed when in Egypt.
The official language of Egypt is Arabic. English and French are widely understood in cities and tourist areas. The official currency is the Egyptian Pound. Many hotels and tour operators accept US Dollars. ATMs are available in cities and tourist areas. The best time to visit depends on the places you want to visit; October to March is the best time to see the ancient sights of Egypt.

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