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East Europe: Estonia


East Europe: Estonia

Estonia is located in Northeastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea on the West. It is best known for its well-preserved medieval old town of Tallinn. Its winding cobblestone pathways, the majestic town square and attractive church towers paired with a lively nightlife make this capital city very popular with tourists. Estonia is also a great destination for nature lovers (50% of the country is forest) with limestone cliffs, the meteorite Crater Lake, swamps, bogs and abundant wildlife on offer in its many National parks. Isolated scenic remote islands and small fishing towns all along the craggy Baltic coastline are waiting to be explored. Do try to attend at least one of the many excellent music festivals that take place in extraordinary venues in Estonia.
The official language is Estonian. English, German and Russian are also spoken. The official currency is the Euro. ATMs are widely available. The best time to visit Estonia is from June to August. Christmas time is also popular.


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