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Scandinavia: Finland


Scandinavia: Finland

Finland is a Nordic country in Northern Europe, home to Santa Clause is popularly known as the "Land of a thousand islands”. Helsinki, the capital of Finland boasts of the Finlandia Hall, architecture around Senate Square and the underground Rock Church. The Northern Lights in Lapland, Lake Saimaa, Lemmenjoki National Park, Archipelago National Park and the towns of Turku and Vasa are some of the star attractions of Finland.
Perfect for the adventure enthusiasts, Finland offers winter as well as summer sports. Skiing in Finnish Lapland, camping in the most beautiful surrounding of the Finnish Archipelago, kayaking, sailing and boating in the Baltic sea, cycling on the King’s Road between Helsinki and Turku and hiking through the endless trails, are just a few of the activities in Finland.
The currency is Euro and exchange is easy at banks. Finnish and Swedish are the official languages, but people also know how to communicate in English. The Finnish are considered to be very friendly and relaxed. The best time to visit is May-September.

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