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Indonesia is an archipelago stretching along the equator. The volcanic mountains, lush green rainforests and rice terraces of Indonesia are captivating. Many exquisite temples dot Indonesia, Borobudur being most popular among them. The National Parks of Indonesia are home to some great wildlife including tigers, orangutans, komodo dragons and Javan Rhinoceros. Activities like diving in Bunaken, trekking up the Krakatau and surfing at the Mentawai islands are truly rewarding experiences. Bali, one of the top island destinations in the world offers more than just beaches to the visitors. Its unique Hindu culture, friendly people, genuine hospitality, temples surrounded by greenery and volcanoes lending a scenic backdrop makes it special.The best time to visit is April through October. Currency used in Indonesia is Indonesian Rupiah. US Dollars are accepted in some places. ATMs are easily available throughout Indonesia. Indonesian is the official language. Many especially in touristy places understand English.

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