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Snow capped mountains, the Rift Valley, granite hills, coral reefs, vast grasslands, massive lakes and coral islets – Kenya seems to have it all! But it doesn’t end there. Kenya is home to hoards of animals – antelopes such as wildebeest and impala, elephants, zebras, giraffes, warthogs, hippopotamuses, lions, cheetahs and other cats, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, crocodiles and a whole array of birds including ostriches.  With evergreen forests, baobab forests and grasslands in different parts of the landscape, even the vegetation refuses to be uniform, making for the perfect African adventure! 

The culture of the country is also complex. With a large number of tribes – each with their own way of living – as well as the colonial influence, Kenya’s culture is multifaceted indeed! Kenya’s two official languages are Swahili and English. The currency used is the Kenyan Shilling which has remained fairly stable over the past few years. It is easy to exchange the US dollar, pound sterling and Euro throughout the country. The dry season in Kenya is from January to March and June to December and this is the best time to visit. However, if you visit Kenya between July and late October you can catch the Great Wildebeest Migration.  

Kenya lies on the equator and is located in the Eastern Africa. It is famous for savanna safaris, Masai Mara is the most popular national park but there are several other national parks and national reserves scattered across Kenya. Lions, elephants, hippos, zebras, giraffes and hundreds of species of birds can be seen in these parks. Wildebeest migration is unquestionably a marvelous sight is best viewed from a hot air balloon! Apart from safaris Kenya boasts of a spectacular coastline, ancient seafaring towns, astounding lakes and landscapes. Adventures can try the tough trek to the peaks of Mt.Kenya. Or you can go bird watching at lake Baringo, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing at Malindi. When in Kenya do not miss the wild experience of a night out in the Bush. Best time to visit depends on the activity planned, January to March and July to October are best for wildlife viewing. December to March is good time to explore the coastal towns. Swahili and English are the official languages of Kenya. Currency used is Kenyan Shilling. Euros and Dollars can be easily exchanged at banks. ATMs are available at Major cities. Cards should be used with care.

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