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Luxembourg is a landlocked country bordered by Belgium, France and Germany. A strategic location at the heart of Western Europe, more natural beauty than you might expect given its size, and one of the three richest countries in the world, Luxembourg enjoys a very high standard of living - and has prices to match!
You may not expect it from one of the smallest countries in Europe, but Luxembourg is a diverse land, full of beautiful nature and gorgeous historic monuments. Its turbulent history is filled with stories of emperors and counts as well as many battles and disputes. Today, the almost fairy-tale like castles and fortresses are a faint but impressive reminder of those days, and amidst their lovely natural setting, they make some superb and picturesque sights.
Several parts of the old town are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the most interesting places include the Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame, the town fortifications and of course the Grand Ducal Palace.

The ideal time to visit Luxembourg is between April and August and the Euro is the sole currency required here.
Luxembourg is a multilingual nation. However, unlike most nations, language use is usually regulated by social situation rather than by local geography.
German enjoys official status in Luxembourg and is almost universally understood by the local population. That being said, everything from road signs to menus to information in stores will appear in French - which is the main language of the government. Over 60% of the native population of Luxembourg are fluent in English, but you will not always come across English speakers.

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