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Serbia is located in the Balkans in Eastern Europe. It echoes the Serbian trait of defiance in its unique natural beauty of lakes, rivers, mountains and valleys. Stunning Serbia, with a wealth of national parks, attracts tourists from all over the world in summers, while in winter, the tourists flock towards its scenic and beautiful mountain resorts.
Belgrade is the most popular in Serbia, and considered to be one of the wildest party destinations. Some of the other star attractions are the Kalemegdan Citadel, Nikola Tesla Museum, Marsal Toto’s Grave, Belgrade Underground, Novi Sad and Novi Pazar.
Serbia indeed has a lot in store for the adventurers. Some of the activities include cycling the Danube route to Bucharest, walking and hiking along Serbia’s centuries old forests, and equestrian sport in Belgrade Hippodrome. Derdap National Park on the banks of River Danube has a wealth of flora and fauna for the nature lovers. The rock formations at Đavolja Varoš and abundant example of classical cultural heritage in the mediaeval Byzantine and Orthodox monuments tickle the mind of the intellects.
Serbs are very warm and friendly. The currency is the Serbian Dinar and money can be easily exchanged in banks. English is commonly used here. The best time to visit is in summer.

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