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East Europe: Slovakia


East Europe: Slovakia

Located in Central Europe, Slovakia is a spectacular country, seduced by the majestic peaks of Tatras, the untrammelled wilderness, and the dramatic fortresses. The combination of limestone, springs and rivers, found in abundance here, has resulted in the formation of many caves and waterfalls of Slovak Paradise and Slovak Karst, enhancing the natural beauty of Slovakia. So step away from the trodden tourist routes, and enter the mystical land of diversity and rich cultural heritage. 
The architectural heritage, spanning over several thousand years, reflect the Celtic, Roman, Greek, Jewish, German and the ancient Slavic cultures. Some of the star attractions here are the Spis Castle and the "fairy-tale” Bojnicky Zamok Castle, the Eastern Slovakian Museum in Kosice, the Slovakian Mining Museum in Banska Stiavnica and the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava. 
Slovakia is perfect for some fun activities like skiing, dog sleigh and snowboarding in Jasna Nizke Tatry Resort, rafting on the rivers Dunajec and Bela, hiking on the Ferrat Trail to Martinske Hole, and cycling on the trails high on the Tatras or along the Danube. You can also just chill out in the various spas and theme parks or learn about whiskey production in the Nestville Park. 
Slovak is the official language and English is hardly spoken here. The currency is Euro and ATMs are easily available. The natives are friendly and peaceful. The best time to visit is May, June and September. 

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