Sri Lanka

The sun shines down on the pristine Sri Lankan beaches as mist shrouds the mountains, the wild jungles team with life, torrential waterfalls roar unceasing, plains roll on endlessly and the past echoes in archaic monuments. Sri Lanka offers so much to do and see that the only problem you will face is having to choose. Surf the seething waves, dive to the bottom of the aquamarine sea, kayak, canoe and raft down rushing rivers or, if water sports don't interest you, explore antique Hindu and Buddhist structures or trek through the unspoiled jungles for a glimpse into the tree-covered world of leopards, elephants, Sri Lanka Spurfowl and hundreds of others. Also, venture out onto the sea to catch sight of a few of its residents – blue whales, sperm whales, dugongs and many, many others. 

The local currency is the Sri Lankan rupee – pounds sterling, euros and US dollars are easily changed. Sinhala and Tamil are the country's official languages. The weather in Sri Lanka is very complex and there is something to do there any time of year so there is no 'best time to visit'.