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Thailand, a diverse kingdom will surprise you with all that it has to offer - ancient temples, delectable cuisine, exotic wildlife, pristine beaches and friendly people who are eager to share their stories and country with visitors. Truly the heart of South East Asia and also the second largest economy in the region, the country is easily combinable with other neighboring countries – Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. A rather large country, it warrants time to explore all that it has to offer; however, the highlights include the ancient city of Chiang Mai, the fishing village of Hua Hin, the spectacular islands of Phuket and Samui and of course the capital city of Bangkok. Most people in Thailand follow Buddhism and the Thai Baht is easily exchangeable for US Dollars at ATM machines. While it’s true that Thailand is generally hot throughout the year, the three distinct seasons are summer, rainy and the cool season. The hottest period is March to June and the rainy season lasts from May to November. The most popular months for tourists are November to February. The weather along the southern coast towards Samui enjoys pleasant breeze despite the heat, almost throughout the year. Northern regions like Mae Hong Son or Chiang Rai and the hills warrant a light jacket. 

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