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Uganda, located in East Africa, has been described as the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill. The green, rich and pristine natural wealth, the diverse and concentrated range of African fauna, and the tallest mountain range in Africa, together make Uganda the perfect tourist destination for eco-tourism and adventure activities.
 The star attractions of Uganda are Gaddafi National Mosque in the capital city of Kampala, the Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre, the Source of Nile with the Speke Monument, the Kasubi Tomb and Lubiri Palace in Kampala, and the Sebei Cultural Centre.
The adventure enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to. White water river rafting and kayaking in the amazing Nile, angling in Lake Victoria, walking tours in Kampala, memorable wildlife and gorilla African Safaris, hiking in the Mabira Forest, and quad bike safaris are a few of the adventure activities here. Nightlife in Kampala is vibrant with casinos and pubs. 
The national Currency is the Ugandan Shilling. The US dollar is widely accepted and any other currency can be exchanged in banks. ATMs are easily accessible. Ugandans are friendly but conservative. The official language in Luganda but English is commonly used. The best time to visit is January-February and June-September.

Once called the 'pearl of Africa' by Winston Churchill, Uganda is all of Africa summarised in a single country. Set in the shade of the regal Rwenzori mountains (the highest mountain range in Africa), by the banks of the serene Lake Victoria, Uganda has everything there is to have. An extremely diverse host of flora and fauna make their homes in the savannas and mountains of this small country. Among these are a variety of primates including the rare and beautiful mountain gorilla.

Although some areas can still be unsafe, stability has largely returned to this once conflict-ridden country. The people have come out strong from a period of violence and hardship and are known to be extremely warm. They follow mainly Abrahamic religions but are comfortable also holding some traditional beliefs. The official languages are English and Swahili.

The currency used is the Ugandan Shilling and Euros and dollars are the best currencies to exchange for this. The best time to visit the country is during one of its two dry seasons – December to February and June to October.

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