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Uzbekistan is a land locked country in Central Asia, and has recently come into the limelight as a tourist destination. The country is truly exotic with a spellbinding arsenal of architectural, cultural and natural heritage. This land attracted Alexander the Great with its rivers Syr Darya and Amu Darya, the Nuratau Mountains, and the fast disappearing Aral Sea. It is like a land locked island surrounded by the mystical deserts and mountains.
The cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are famed for the intricate brick work and unique decoration of the minarets, mausoleums and madrashas. Some of the star attractions are the Registan, the Ark, the Char Minar, and the Kalta Minor Minaret. The Khan’s Palace and Timur’s summer palace, Ak Saray Palace, will make you step back in time.
You can experience the culture of the Uzbeks, witness the clear skies of Tashkent, and enjoy the wildlife of bears, snow leopards, Persian gazelles, pheasants and golden eagles, in national parks like Jeyron Ecological Centre. Uzbekistan also offers health tourism in its thermal health resorts. Sulphated mud, obtained from Lake Balykly, Jizak region is used for healing. If you love adventure, there is a choice of rafting, fishing and hunting in Syr Darya, jeep-safari in Kyzylkum Desert, and mountain hiking and ski mountaineering in the Nurata Mountains. 
The currency here is Som. ATMs are available and exchange can be done in banks. Uzbek is the official language and English is sparsely used. The natives are friendly and polite but conservative. The best time to visit is March-June.

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