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Vietnamese history has seen massively empowered women revolting against an ancient regime, French colonization and subsequent independence, appalling violence and bloodshed in the Vietnam War and the success of a communist government. A country whose population is made up of numerous ethnic groups, Vietnam's official language is Vietnamese. The local cuisine is world-famous and must not be missed. The dong is the local currency but the US dollar is also commonly used. 

With a largely hilly landscape, Vietnam has enormous stretches of fabulous coastline just waiting to be enjoyed and while the war has taken its toll on the forests of Vietnam, they've still retained their simple magnificence. A trip to Vietnam definitely wouldn't be complete without a cruise around Ha Long Bay – the shimmering, rippling waters studded with limestone islands almost make you believe in mermaids and nereids.
The climate in Vietnam is very complex and changes from region to region so it is difficult to state the best time to visit. However, as a rough guide, November to May is a good time to travel in Southern and Central Vietnam, October to March is good for the north and March, April and September to December are advisable if you want to explore different regions.

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