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The Balkans: Albania


The Balkans: Albania

Albania, nestled between Kosovo, Motenegro, Macedonia and Greece, in South Eastern Europe, has recently taken off as a popular tourist destination, after the end of dictatorship in 1991. Albania can be best described as stark and savage in beauty. The landscape is diverse with the towering Alps in the North, to the man-made Lake Komani, and the pristine aquamarine waters of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas lashing against some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Albania is perfect if you want to experience the wildness of nature, unscathed and untouched, and experience history and culture in forgotten archaeological sites where time seems to have stood still. 
The adventure enthusiasts can go backpacking on the hiking trails of Bjeshkët e Namuna with spectacular scenery, go rafting on the Rafting on the Vjosa, Osum and the Black Drin rivers, and indulge in sea kayaking at the Albanian Riviera. Sunbathe on the white crescent shaped beaches of Palasa with azure water, feel the magic of Berat, the town of a thousand windows, experience the tranquillity of the ancient ruins of Butrint, and do not miss out on the eerie hill top Gjirokastra Castle. Albania is indeed a paradise on earth.
Albanian is the official language and while some also speak Italian, English is not used much. Lek is the national currency and exchange is available at the banks. Visa cards are widely accepted. The Albanians are very friendly people. April-October is the best time to visit Albania.

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