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Colombiais the only country in South America with coastlines on both the North Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, as well as the second highest biodiversity in the world. Soaring Andean summits, unspoiled Caribbean coast, enigmatic Amazon jungle, cryptic archaeological ruins and cobbled colonial communities; Colombia boasts a South American allure that is un-paralleled.
Colombia's varied terrain is fertile ground for outdoor adventurers to dive, climb, raft, trek and soar. It also offers an off-the-radar treasure trove of cinematic cobblestoned towns and villages that often feel bogged down in a different century, content to carry on as they have since the departure of the Spanish without a care in the world.
The official language of Colombia is, you guessed it, Spanish! And the currency in use is the Spanish Peso. As far as climate goes, take your pick. Colombia is an equatorial country with amazing variance in altitude, so it's going to be whatever temperature you like best all year long, somewhere! The climate is tropical along the coast, eastern plains, Amazon and cold in the highlands.

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