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South Korea


South Korea

South Korea, in the Southern part of the Korean Peninsula, is a pristine land full of greenery, ancient Buddhist temples, and a beautiful country side dotted with cherry trees. This Land of the Morning Calm is sure to dazzle you with a myriad of experiences and 5000 years of culture. From the busy and mindboggling commotion of Seoul, which will make you wonder at the name Land of Morning Calm, to the serenity of the Buddhist temple, craggy mountains canvassing the land, and remote islands to offer you peace and solitude,  South Korea indeed has a very wide spectrum of sights to see and enjoy.
South Korea boasts of some of the best ski resorts in the Pyeongchang County from where you can even get the glimpse of the East Sea. You must visit the Jeju-do, the tropical island with beautiful beaches and volcanic geography, and an ancient culture with more than 18000 gods.   Indulge in some extreme sports as you hike up Hallasan at 1950 m, explore the ethnic and exotic Jeonju and experience the mystical beauty of Hahoe Folk Village. Walk through the streets of Seoul at night and tickle you taste buds at the Gwangjang Market with some of the local cuisine.

September – December are the best months to visit South Korea. Korean is the local language but English is widely understood. Won is the currency here and exchange is available at banks.  Reserved and well mannered, Koreans are very good hosts. 

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