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Scandinavia: Sweden


Scandinavia: Sweden

The Scandinavian nation of Sweden is made of thousands of islands, inland lakes, forests and mountains. 97 % of this country, popularly known as the land of the Moose, still remains uninhabited, and Sweden is indeed a mecca for the intrepid traveller with unbounded wilderness, virgin forests, frozen wastelands, a wealth of flora and fauna, and of course the famous Viking lore. Sweden is also synonymous to impeccable style, with an all pervading aesthetic sense. Here you also find the Sami, who are the nomadic reindeer herders.
The Kungliga Slottet castle built on the ruins of Tre Kronor castle in Stockholm, the Foteviken Viking Reserve with reconstruction of a Viking-age village, museums and medieval churches in Visby, a historical canal tour of Stockholm are just a few of the many sights in Sweden. The adventure enthusiasts can opt for activities like private walking tours and biking tours of Stockholm, kayaking and sailing tours of Stockholm archipelago, hiking and trekking in Southern Kungleden, and challenging white water river rafting in Åre. And yes, do not forget to go on a wildlife watching tours of Moose/Elk, Beaver, Brown Bears and Wolf tracking. And if you are on the lookout for some happening place with night life then Stockholm and Gothenburg are perfect.
Swedish is the national language but English is widely used. The Swedish are very friendly people and will make you feel very welcome. Swedish krona is the currency here. Visa cards are accepted and exchange is also easy at banks. The ideal time to visit is from June – August, when you can catch the midnight sun too. 

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