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Small Group Walking Tours


Small Group Walking Tours

Small is the new BIG! 

Started by two friends on 4 February 1974, Exodus is leader in small group travel and design their trips using the expertise of a team that is bound by its passion for travel ensuring that travelers get the best of their experience! Active Holiday Company is a proud partner bringing thier small group cycling and walking adventures across continents to discerning travellers. 


Why Travel with Exodus

Different countries, cultures, environments, cities, mountain ranges, deserts, coasts and jungles. 
To make sure our travelers get a real sense of what the destinations are all about.
stay in locally owned B&B’s, gites, boutique hotels, etc. to give back to the local communities




How do I know what trip rating I should take?
Most of our biking trips are designed from the vacation perspective so you can enjoy the destination and they are very comfortable for people of all fitness levels. We do have an occasional trip that you can choose to break your speed records. Cycling trips are graded based on distance, the terrain and other challenges such as the weather of the destination which also plays a role in the overall experience.
Grade 1: Easy trip on flat terrain, with no more than 50 km cycling a day. Great for beginners.
Grade 2: Flat to slightly hilly areas, a bit more per day cycling – perhaps up to 65 kms.
Grade 3: Needs some cycling experience as distance can be up to 75 km a day and can include some climbs.
Grade 4: Even if distances are around 80 km the terrain can be mountainous and full of steep climbs requiring good fitness and training.
Grade 5: Serious and strenuous biking trips that need strong cycling experience – at times they are competitive.
What sort of bicycles are included in the trip price?
The quality and comfort of your mean-machine has a strong influence on your vacation experience and this is why we ensure that quality and comfort is not compromised on. All cycling trips include well-maintained, multi-geared bicycles with comfortable saddles. Brands differ in different countries but they are always reliable, sturdy and easy wheeling trek bikes without a compromise on traffic safety systems. If you are taking a self-guided trip, your bicycle will be equipped with a repair kit, comprising spare tubes, locks etc. On some trips you may upgrade your bicycle at a supplement. Please check with us if you would like this option.
What sort of accommodation can I expect?
Apart from trying to provide accommodation that is comfortable at the end of a day, we strive to include hotels, country lodges / inns and guest houses that give you a flavour of the destination. Private facilities with attached shower and toilet are standard in most cases. On some vacations, we will offer you the opportunity to upgrade though even then in smaller towns and villages, the level may just meet acceptable ‘comfort’ standards. Giving up some of the luxuries is often considered part of the
adventure and we like to support the small, family run places as they are more personal and it helps us to support the local economy
Is insurance included in my trip price?
Insurance of any form is excluded from our vacation and whether you take a regular vacation, an active trip or an extreme adventure break, we strongly recommend you get yourself covered. The Active Holiday Company can assist with special insurance meant for adventure trips. Please refer to our ‘insurance’ link.
What should I do in case I need assistance during my trip?
You will travel with detailed maps and instructions with alternative routes so you can create your own adventure. Self-guided trips need that you know the basics like fixing your own punctures, reading maps and so on before taking such trips. Should something go wrong, however, you can always call the emergency contact number and help will be close by as our network is spread across destinations and we only work with partners who have a local presence in the destinations we promote.
Is there any restriction on luggage?
Luggage transfer and handling of one piece of bag, weighing no more than 20 kilos is allowed free on charge on every trip. Sturdy bags that are easy to handle are recommended so they hold through the trip and daily transportation.
Though it is safe, please note that we take no responsibility for the contents of your luggage and damage to handles and wheels. You may also carry along a small back-pack for day use that is easy for you to carry. 


OUR DESTINATIONS IN Small Group Walking Tours

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