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Fundraising Tours

Combine your love for adventure with a cause and be the change. Our fund raiser tours allow you to push your limits and accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself in a secure environment with like minded travellers but you’ll do more than just climb that mountain and bike that route with our Fundraising Tours! Operated in association with specific groups and charities, these trips offer participants to make a difference with fundraising opportunities. 

Here’s why these sometimes make more sense than the ordinary tours: 

Do it for the Cause
The best part of our Fundraising Tours is that your efforts are channelled into making someone else’s life better. You are part of a movement committed to making a difference and that in itself is rewarding.

Do it for the Teamwork
Grab your best buds, put your fundraising caps on and get into a healthy fundrasing challenge! What better way to bond and push each other to just do it – both rasie funds for a cause and accomlish your personal trip goal.

Do it for the Community
Our partnerships with various charities bring together collegium of enthusiastic, like minded folk who share a passion for the same cause. You might bump into people you know or better, make some new friends who could become lifelong buddies to meet year after year!

Do it to Tick-It-Off-The-Bucketlist
Get your heart rate up and its not just with the excitement. Our Fundraising Tours provide you a personal fitness challenges - be it with treks, cycling tours or marathons. If you have always wanted to do that trip and were looking for a reason – here we are! 

Founded by Milind Soman and Reema Sanghvi, the United Sisters Foundation (USF) raises funds for the Women’s Cancer Initiative – Tata Memorial Hospital. The foundation works closely with Pinkathon, India’s only 10K race organized exclusively for women, to create awareness about breast cancer. It aids R&D and extends financial support to women who have a high chance of recovery but are unable to afford treatment. 

Active Holiday Company offers you the chance to raise funds for USF along with the chance to revel in the panoramic views from the top of two iconic locations - Everest Base Camp and Kilimanjaro. Open to everyone, these fund raising treks come with charity challenges that will give you the opportunity to become stars for the money that you raise and for what you will achieve as you tick this off your bucket list.