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Young Adult Internships & Expeditions

Some travel experiences can be life-changing. Our Young Adult Internships & Expeditions are exactly that. Consider your teenager face to face with wildlife in a way most can ever only dream of; or accomplishing the challenge of trekking to the Everest Base Camp under expert supervision; or cycling through the back roads of Italy discovering history in a way that can never be forgotten. 

These trips offer opportunities to learn about a number of subjects that can be related back to the classroom: the environment, wildlife conservation, geography, science etc. but they are really much more than that. They are about self discovery, confidence building, team-work and making friends for life. A teacher, like no other, they are a chance to learn in a way that classrooms of a school can not imagine, build leadership skills and earning an Internship Certificate that is sure to look great on any college application.
These groups are operated with very limited spots to ensure that all participants have the best experience possible to combine invaluable education with a whole lot of fun! 
For 2019 our trips address a wide range of interests that youngsters have. From photography to culinary art and theatre and geology our calendar has something for everyone. Book before 20th December and avail fabulous discounts. 

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OUR DESTINATIONS IN Young Adult Internships & Expeditions

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