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About Intrepid
Established in 1989 by Darrell and Manch, two university friends, Intrepid Travel was a pioneer then and is today one of the largest adventure travel operators taking over 100,000 travelers every year on trips to more than one hundred countries. All intrepid Travel tours are designed to help travelers experience local life from close quarters.

Why travel with Intrepid

  • We take the road less traveled to give you real life experiences, which spans beyond your Google search 😉
  • We have explorers from across the world who share the same passion for travel! The beauty of our small group travels not only get you up close and personal with the destination, but also give you a chance to build friendships with like-minded travellers.
  • World is a beautiful place and while we believe in giving our travellers unique local experiences, we also believe in sustainable travelling to ensure that everyone wins!
  • A balanced trip is the right way to travel! Our itineraries are designed keeping in mind that time is the most precious resource for everyone, hence a perfect balance of adventure and YOU time is the way to go!