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The official language of Argentina is Spanish and the population consists mainly of people who have immigrated within the last 500 years. The majority of the country's population is of European descent. Argentina is thought of as the home of the captivating tango and its most populated city is exciting Buenos Aires with it's vibrant street culture. 

Morphing from seemingly endless plains into the lakes and forests of the Andes and, eventually, the magical glaciers of Patagonia, the Argentinian landscape is strikingly beautiful. Each of these distinct areas has it's own large crowd of wild residents. The llama, the Andean condor, the giant anteater, the mountain lion and the maned wolf are a few among them. The seas of Argentina have a wealth of animal life too – off the coast you can see penguins, seals and sea lions and in deeper waters there are whales, fish and other marine animals in great numbers.

Depending on where in the country you want to go, there is a different ideal time to visit. Winter is the best time to visit the north and north-west as it is cooler then and there is less rain. To visit areas like Buenos Aires and Cuyo, autumn and spring are ideal. Summer is the best time to visit the southern Andes and Patagonia. The currency used is the Argentine Peso but US dollars and Euros are accepted as well.

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