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Australia is a highly urbanized country, yet filled with deserts, tropical forests, mountains and beaches. This island continent has some of the best cities in the world. These cities boast of art galleries, national monuments and historic sites. Australia’s rich cultural diversity is reflected in its food; it is home to many world famous chefs and restaurants.
The Australian landscape is very diverse and captivating. It hosts unique animals like koala bears and kangaroos, birds like emus and cassowaries. Mainly pristine landscapes, abandoned beaches, mountains, and national parks form Tasmania, an interesting island state waiting to be explored. A trip to the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system is a must when in Australia.
Australia is a huge country, so there are large variations in temperatures across it on any day. The best time to visit would be in spring or autumn. Between April and August, the weather is good along the Great Barrier Reef. English is the language spoken by majority of the population. The Australian Dollar is the currency used in Australia.

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