Czech Republic

If any country is capable of allowing you to escape into a fairytale, it's the Czech Republic. Marvelling at Telč and Český Krumlov, you almost expect a grinning elf to peer around a pillar and invite you through some magical doorway. Feel Prague, Kafka's hometown, inspire you with its antiquity as you enter its magnificent castle and wander its cobbled paths. Also delve into the historical city's alter ego of a booming nightlife, the best beer in the world and numerous modern museums.
Rivers of all kinds cut through the Bohemian-Massif-dominated Czech countryside. The orchid meadows of the White Carpathians sun themselves on rugged mountains as the primeveal forests swell with the sound of the wind dancing through ancient beeches. The Hřensko Gorges overlook the lazy mists of the valleys as the sun lights up the fabulous sandstone arch. The spa town of Karlovy Vary resides in the romantic mountains of Bohemia producing ageless cures and the world-famous Becherovka.
The local currency is the Czech Koruna and the official language is Czech. The best time to travel in the Czech Republic is between May and September – April and October are also fine but a tad colder. If you are going to spend time in the mountains, November to March is great.