From sunlit vineyards, enchanting forests and idyllic beaches to icy Alps and stark limestone cliffs, the French countryside cannot fail to amaze. Go skiing in the snowy mountains, trek along trails that wind their way through fairyland or watch the sea merge with the sky as waves slap against the pale sand. With a government dedicated to preserving France's natural splendour, both on land and under water, it sure is in good hands.
Paris – the city that saw the birth of impressionism – with its museums (like the Louvre), pretty cafés, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame is only the beginning. Fine palaces and châteaux, intriguing museums, divine cathedrals and lovely villages and towns adorn the French land. With traces of every aspect of the country's history, these places tell stories of grand monarchs, diverse art, soulful music, violent revolutions and devastating wars. A cuisine famed far beyond European borders, the food and wines will never disappoint. A country famed also for its contribution to fashion, French designers include Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. France was also home to great scientists including Marie Curie and Louis Pasteur and its landscapes were the inspiration behind much of Van Gogh and Monet’s most famous works.
The French weather is quite pleasant all though the year but hiking is best enjoyed in the summer (June to September) and December to March is the time to experience winter sports. The official language is French and since France is part of the eurozone, the currency used is the Euro.