Two of the founders of sociology – Marx and Weber – were born here as was Einstein. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Schumann, among other musical greats. German beer needs no introduction and the food – which consists of far more than bratwursts – speaks for itself once you try it. Medieval castles perch atop tree-covered hills as the countryside and cities (including Berlin and Munich) resounds with compelling stories of the past.
Many wildlife rehabilitation efforts in the stirring and potentially spooky German forests are proving to be highly successful as the once absent bison, lynx and wolf are steadily reclaiming their lost territory. Numerous imposing rock formations like the Bastei, snow-sprinkled peaks and mirror-like lakes shape the landscape. The Hamburg Wadden Sea National park protects the coastal habitat of many animals including different species of seals. 
The Euro is the currency that is used in Germany and the official language is German. Germany will offer you something to do at every point in the year from picnics in the summer to Christmas markets in the winter.