Jordan is a small kingdom located in the Middle East. It is part of the landmass that connects Africa, Europe and Asia hence the country’s history is rich. Jordan is home to several archeological sites. Petra, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World is from the 6th century BC. Its a unique city carved into the rocks and was home to thousands of people. Today, the vast mausoleums, elaborate tombs, obelisks, sacrificial altars and the massive entrance of the site are still splendid and attract huge number of visitors every year. Other interesting sites of Jordan are - Ad-Deir monastery, pristine sandy beaches of Aquaba, roman ruins of jerash and the fascinating Dead Sea. The official language of Jordan is Arabic. English is widely understood by the educated people. Some understand French and German. Official currency is Jordanian Dinar. US Dollars are accepted in high-end hotels. Very few establishments accept card. Best time to visit Jordan is from March to May and September to November.