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Often known internationally as Holland (which is actually a region in the country), despite its small size, the Netherlands has a lot to boast. The Dutch are avid bikers – there are only half as many cars as there are bicycles in this country. Master painters like Vermeer, Rembrandt and, of course, Van Gogh were Dutch. The Hague houses both the International Criminal court and the International Court of Justice. More than a quarter of the country is below sea level and three great European rivers have their deltas in the Netherlands – the Rhine, the Schelt and the Meuse. 
Enjoy a tasty stroopwafel as you sip some steaming coffee. Then, lounge around and try some fabulous cheeses or cycle to a museum or brewery that sparks your interest. Explore the marvelous churches, markets, castles and canals or gaze into the distance as old windmills cover the land as far as you can see.
The best time to visit the Netherlands is from April to October as the weather is at its best. The official language is Dutch and the currency is the Euro.   

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