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New Zealand


New Zealand

New Zealand's extraordinarily rich culture stems from the fact that its population is made up of people from many different cultures – European, Maori, Pacific Island and Asian. The people are known to be warm and friendly. The country has three official languages – English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language. The currency used is the New Zealand Dollar.
New Zealand is everything the entire world has to offer packed into one little country. That so small a country could have within its borders bubbling hot springs, beaches of all sorts, fertile farmland, massive mountains both submerged and icy glaciers is hard to believe. The kiwi, kea and takahe are only three of the wonderful birds that live in the New Zealand wilderness. The tuatara is a reptile that can live for more than a hundred years and is endemic to this region. The oceans around the country are no less interesting – they are home to whales, seals, over a thousand species of fish, penguins and dolphins (Hector's dolphin is found only in New Zealand).

The countryside is spectacular all through the year so the best time to visit really depends on what you are planning to do there. Just remember that their winter and summer months are exactly the opposite of what the northern hemisphere follows.

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