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South Africa


South Africa

As Africa's southernmost country, South Africa's two largest neighbours are the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean that are populated by gigantic great white-sharks and adorably well dressed African (aka jackass) penguins. The majority of the landscape is a plateau that is dominated by grassland, savanna and the occasional forest. On a safari in one of South Africa's many national parks, you are likely to encounter regal oryx, majestic lions, sleek cheetahs, delightful meerkats and so many more captivating animals and birds. 

In a graceful display of its diverse culture, South Africa has not two or three, but eleven official languages including English, Afrikaans and isiZulu. The ways of life of various tribes and colonisers all coexist and even merge to give a culture that exceeds most others in it's richness. The country is alive with music, dance, art, drama and a long, winding history. The South African currency is the Rand. The ideal time to go to South Africa depends a lot on what you want to do there because different parts of the country are at their finest at different times of the year.

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