The Sierra Nevada and Pyrenees watch over the Spanish lands like proud grandparents. In their shade, you can trek and cycle through woodlands and shrubs as you marvel at the way the light touches the land. Take a boat ride down one of Spain's rivers and watch the sun glinting off the fish.
Spanish prowess in the field of exploration is no secret but Spain is also the land of Dali, Goya and Picasso. It is the country of the violent bullfight but it is also the birthplace of the flamboyant Flamenco, delectable tapas and the wild La Tomatina. Spain, with its rich culture, enthralling history, typical food, awe-inspiring architecture and unbelievable countryside, will blow you away.

From lying on the beach to trekking in the forests to skiing in the mountains, Spain offers you a wide range of activities. For this same reason it is not easy to pick one "best time to visit”. Having said that, the best weather overall is usually experienced from May to October. The official language is Spanish and the currency is the Euro.