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Alpine meadows, Swiss cheese, Swiss watches, Swiss cows, Swiss chocolates - it's hard to find something Swiss that isn't reputed to be the finest in the world! A picture-postcard land of mountains, snow, glaciers, yodeling, skiing and far more, Switzerland is enchanting beyond belief. Wake up every morning to the sun's rays slanting off the giant mountains and feel lulled by the cold breeze that tousles your hair. Be awed by crystal-like waters of Lake Geneva as the mountains – reflected on the surface – admire their own majesty. Watch as some of Europe's greatest rivers begin their long journeys as mere trickles.

Switzerland has four official languages and these are French, German, Italian and Romansh. The currency is the Swiss Franc. Because there is so much on offer you can go to Switzerland any time of year but if you are going exclusively to ski, winter is the best time. In summer, June to September, is ideal for other outdoor activities.

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