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Often used interchangeably with 'England' or 'Britain', the United Kingdom actually consists of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. From Scotch whiskey and haggus to horses, tea, scones and Irish whiskey, there is a lot going in in the UK. Looming castles, abbeys, mansions and manors sprawl around the countryside. The mystifying Stonehenge leads to wild speculation about its purpose and how it was built.
The land of Shakespeare and leprechauns, the landscape of the United Kingdom changes from flat moors into craggy hills and woodlands; from the mist shrouded Loch Ness – whose waters allegedly conceal the Loch Ness Monster – to the placid waters of the Lake District. The extensive network of cycle routes, walking trails and campsites offer views of some unbelievably beautiful scenery.
The official currency is the pound sterling and the official language is English. The United Kingdom is a year round destination –though you ought to be warned that the weather is very unpredictable.

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